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MANHATTAN / MANHATTAN id Bonus Point Catalogue
Terms & Conditions for Redemption / Purchase of Gifts:

  1. Offers in this catalogue are applicable to Cardholders of MANHATTAN Credit Cards and MANHATTAN Co-branded Credit Cards ("Applicable Credit Cards").
  2. While offers in this catalogue shall be valid until 31 December 2011 (unless otherwise specified), Bonus Points shall be valid for redemption as per condition (8).
  3. Acceptance of applications for redemption and purchase of gifts by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the "Bank") is subject to the Credit Card Account(s) under which the redemption is stated to be made being valid and in good standing and subject to stock availability. Orders for gift items shall be entertained on a first-come, first-served basis, while stock lasts.
  4. Provided that the Cardholder has accumulated sufficient valid Bonus Points and has sufficient available credit limit, and subject to condition (6) below, there is no limit to the number of gift items that each Cardholder is entitled to redeem / purchase at any one time.
  5. Subject to condition (6) below, in respect of Accounts which have both a Principal and a Supplementary Credit Card, the Cardholder is not entitled to draw upon the Bonus Points accumulated in his or her related Principal and Supplementary Credit Card Accounts under his or her own name. Only Bonus Points shown in the latest issued monthly statement can be redeemed. For discount purchases, payment may only be charged to one of the Cardholder's own Credit Card Accounts. Any order signed by the Cardholder will constitute his/her authority to debit his/her Credit Card Account with the amount of the monetary payment. Other methods of payment will not be accepted.
  6. Upon acceptance of the application, Bonus Points shall be deducted from and payment shall be charged against the Credit Card Account(s) specified by the Cardholder. Such transaction details shall appear on the following monthly statement of each relevant Credit Card Account. If any one of the Credit Card Accounts in the instructions does not contain sufficient number of Bonus Points specified for deduction by the Cardholder, and/or the available credit limit of his or her Credit Card Account is insufficient to cover the purchase made, the said application shall be cancelled automatically.
  7. Bonus Points shall be awarded monthly. One Bonus Point will be awarded for every HK$1 spent by a Cardholder using his or her Applicable Credit Card(s) (including cash advance, but excluding annual fee, past due charges, overlimit charges, interest/finance charges, balance transfer amount, "Credit Cash" amount, tax payment, the aggregate of the Instalment Transaction Price and the Handling Fee of "MANHATTAN's Anything Goes Instalment" and whole amount of "MANHATTAN's Interest-Free Instalment"). For any cancellation of new purchase transactions, the relevant Bonus Points gained will be deducted from the account accordingly.
  8. The maximum period for accumulation of Bonus Points is 24 months (except that the accumulation period is 36 months for MANHATTAN Platinum Credit Card). The Bonus Points expiry date will be clearly shown in the monthly statement. After the Bonus Points expiry date, all accumulated expired Bonus Points shall be cancelled from Cardholder's Credit Card Account without further notice. Bonus Points earned before Bonus Points expiry date cannot be combined with those earned after Bonus Points expiry date for redemption.
  9. Applications for redemption / purchase received after the relevant Cardholder's Credit Card Account has been closed or expired (as determined by the date of the post mark of the application) shall be invalid and will not be accepted. All accumulated Bonus Points on such account will become void with effect from the date of such closure or expiry.
  10. The expiry date of Bonus Points and Credit Card can be different. Any application for redemption of the Bonus Points should be made under the conditions specified in conditions (8) and (9) as stated above.
  11. Once order applications have been accepted by the Bank, no cancellation or alterations can be made. Gift voucher / redemption letter will be sent to Cardholder within 2 to 4 weeks after order application is confirmed. If a Cardholder has not received any notification within 4 weeks, he or she should make inquiries through the Customer Service Hotline, otherwise orders will be cancelled 6 months after application and the Bonus Points and amount deducted in respect of such orders will not be returned.
  12. All the gift items should be redeemed before the redemption deadline which specified on the gift vouchers / redemption letters. Otherwise, Bonus Points and amount for the redemption / purchase will not be returned.
  13. No trial period is available for all gift items and all gifts are non-returnable unless the product suffers from any manufacturing defect or is damaged upon delivery. Should a Cardholder wish to request a replacement item due to the aforesaid reason(s), please call 2881 0888 during office hours within 14 days of receipt to arrange for replacement of the same item(s). The Bank is not the supplier of the gift vouchers, or these products and services, and therefore does not have any legal responsibilities in respect of the use of gift vouchers, supply, quality, design, or format of products and services. The Bank is not responsible for any loss or theft of redeemed gift vouchers or items.
  14. The Bank has made every effort to ensure all information in the catalogue is accurate, however the Bank accepts no responsibility for any error or omission contained therein. The Bank reserves the right to make the final decision if there is any inaccuracy or omission.
  15. All items are to be collected by Cardholders in person upon presentation of the redemption letters and the Cardholder’s Applicable Credit Card, or by a designated individual upon presentation of his / her HKID Card, that Cardholder’s redemption letters, a written authorization from the Cardholder stating the name and the HKID Card number of the designated individual, and a copy of both sides of the relevant Applicable Credit Card(s), with the Cardholder's signature (the signature should be the same as that on the Applicable Credit Card).
  16. All gift vouchers (including but not limited to cash vouchers, discount vouchers and dining discount vouchers) offered to Cardholders will only be redeemable in accordance with terms and conditions endorsed on them.
  17. Unless specified, all gift vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers or discounts and cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred.
  18. Offer shall be terminated immediately upon closure of merchants.
  19. The Bank reserves the right to amend all terms and conditions of this MANHATTAN / MANHATTAN id Bonus Point Catalogue at any time. In case of disputes, decision of the Bank shall be final.
  20. In event of any differences between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.

MANHATTAN Credit Card 24-hour Customer Service Hotline: 2881 0888

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